Build your own Bat Box Kit
Build your own Bat Box Kit
Build your own Bat Box Kit

Build your own Bat Box Kit

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Build your own Bat Box Kit.

Build your own solid timber bat box and do your bit for your local bats. The solid timber pieces are all cut to size and ready to be fixed together with screws. Just follow the simple instructions and the box will soon be ready for the bats to make it home.
I've grooved the backplate to allow the bats to grip it and easily climb up into the box. They can shelter from the weather up there or even just hang out!
The kit is quite simple to do and could be done by older children with assistance. You'll need a hammer and screwdriver or electric drill.

Generally Bat boxes should be placed at least 5m off the ground in areas where bats have been seen, so it's worth checking you have a suitable location for it to go. It's also highly recommended to place them in groups of two or three boxes as the bats will move between boxes as the temperature changes.
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Backplate is 35cm x 15cm
Box is aprox 25cm x 15cm at the top.
Normally ships 3-5 days after ordering.